It’s A Free For All In This War Between Medikal, Strongman and Kwesi Arthur! Who’s Hurt? Who’s Winning? Who’s Dead?!

Whatever you’re doing or plan to do today, DROP IT!!!

There’s a war and everyone needs to pack up their stuff!!

Yesterday, Kwesi Arthur dropped a freestyle “Thoughts From Nkrumah” and we all shock den things like ah who hurt the Arthur? He threw some shots at Medikal and lol we aren’t surprised what happened next.

Medikal dropped “To whom it may concern ” Our man really dished it out and titled it in a way that said “etwi wo aaa” Wow Medikal! We weren’t even done contemplating whether his diss track hit harder than Kwesi Arthur’s noorrrr Strongman came in!

Be like the “To whom it may concern”, something concern him roff Cos Strongman went in HARD on Medikal!!! Like, ei calm down Strongman. We are all sorry!!! Strongman literally ripped MDK apart and we are legit worried about the rapper now.

But, as Medikal said he ‘sell cow before so he no dey fear beef’ dierrr we won’t be surprised if he drops something too!

This is some WWE version of rap and we are curious… who’s gonna join in the battle? Should we expect responses from those already in the game?? Who’s going to accept defeat and who’s supporting whom?

PS: We are excited!!!!!!!

Listen to it all here and judge! 

Kwesi Arthur (Thoughts From King Arthur)

Medikal (To Whom It May Concern)

Strongman (Don’t Try)

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