WIUC: Meet Nana Akwasi Sarpong, The Banking And Finance Graduate No One Will Forget Hurriedly

Nana Akwasi Sarpong
Nana Akwasi Sarpong

Born on the 4th of June, 1995 in the outskirts of Oslo, Norway, as the last of 4 kids Nana and his parents moved back to Kumasi, Ghana in 1997 where they lived until August 2004. In late 2004, his family moved to Atomic Hills Estates in Accra, and he finished off his elementary and Junior High education at Presec Staff Primary and St. Andrews JHS at Madina- Accra.

Nana made his way to study General Science at Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (PRESEC – Legon). In high school, he was a chorister and Dormitory Monitor and had a lot of interest in Elective Mathematics.

In 2013, Nana got admitted to the University of Ghana for a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with hopes of becoming a dentist. By July 2015, he developed a new love for Finance and Business Consultancy as he constantly found himself reading one business journal or magazine after the other in the Balm Library and a travel agency where he frequently volunteered. He decided to tread this path in a novel environment, and so he took his SATs and gained admission to study Commerce at Cape Breton University (Canada), Calvin College (USA) and Penn State University (USA). Unsatisfied with the scholarship and grants, he declined all offers and decided to pursue his degree in a local university all against the will of his parents.


He made a pact with his old man (father) to make up for the years splurged. In what seemed like a classy joke, they cast ballots and it fell on Wisconsin International University College (WIUC). Reluctantly, he obliged and enrolled there for a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance. A rookie to the business courses, he always had to go the extra mile to be on a par with the others. He also drew good motivation from the pact to prop him along.

Hard work paying off, he was topping his colleagues in courses such as Networking and Internet, Sociology, Information Technology, Psychology Logic and Critical Thinking among others during his first year, accomplishments that drove him to exert more efforts but mostly to SHARE knowledge. By the end of the first Semester, he had held several tutorial sessions on campus, a deed that gained him massive popularity on campus though he always maintained very modest composure. This he continued throughout his tertiary days.


Fast forward, he won the Overall Best Student Award from level 100 to 300 with an astonishing CGPA of 4.0, and also played active roles in winning debates. Nana over time had the reputation of the “SHARK” with very high regards from peers and lecturers. In an interview with him, Nana expresses his “WOW moment” as when the Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer of the university invited him for breakfast in the board room (THE GREAT ROOM), after they had heard of his exploits on campus. “It was beyond humbling. I didn’t know I was that much recognized and appreciated. It felt like hard work is paying me more than I deserve”, he said.


By the 3rd year, he was the students’ favourite for SRC President and when the time came he contested. However, he had a paramount desire to share knowledge – one that was rooted in sharing knowledge through peer tutoring on a campus-wide scale. At the brink of reopening in that final semester of the 3rd year, he withdrew from the race and founded Wizzy Student Tutors (WST)” – an initiative that comprises a league of brilliant students from the various faculties, devoted to providing supplementary tutoring to colleagues in all departments in the school. Breaking the hearts of the majority of the students and some staff, he was firm with his decision, which he describes as a CALLING.


“I tutor to learn and I learn to tutor. I gain more than I lose by sharing. Besides, if I cannot give people clothes to cover their nakedness, I can definitely offer knowledge to blot out their ignorance. And if God gave me this depth understanding for free, then I can definitely share freely. WST is here to stay.

In his final year, he was unanimously chosen by the academic board, along with three others to represent Wisconsin University in the maiden edition of the Tertiary Business Sense Competition (TBSC) – he led the team to 1st Runner Up position, after beating University of Ghana (his former school) in the semi-finals with a last-minute riddle. The team’s efforts earned them scholarship for the rest of their stay in the university and extra scholarship for their Masters Programs (if they opt for it).


Nana’s exploits did not end there. He also led another team to the finals of the much-coveted HR Focus Business Challenge which is currently ongoing (spanning 3-months, June – September), a feat that had not been achieved for the past 2 years. “His excellent leadership skills, uncompromising personality, utilitarian mentality, humility and emotional intelligence always bring out the best in his teammates” – per the testimonies of the few who were interviewed.


At the annual SRC Excellence Awards, Nana along with his team of tutors was awarded Citations of Honour for their volunteering services to the student body. In addition, he was exclusively given a special Innovation Award for creating WST, an initiative that has in a very significant way augmented the academic standards of students of the university. Though he handed over his mantle in WST recently, he stays very much attached to his initiative


Nana completed his requirement for the Bachelors and is rumoured to emerge, Valedictorian of the Class of 2019, with a summa cum laude honour. He is also expected to bag several other special awards to add to his portfolio this November.


With a keen interest in Law, he earned himself a place in the Judicial Committee of Wisconsin’s SRC and made very significant contributions to uphold justice, accountability and objectivity on campus. His work ethic is absolutely unquestionable.


Nana has also throughout his stay been an active figure in Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) – to channel his desire to bring justice and hope to the victimized drug addicts in today’s world.


Best moments in Uni:

  • Discussions in the library.
  • Snooker and Ping-Pong tournaments at the JCR.
  • Debates at parliament meetings.
  • WST Tutorial sessions.
  • Drink Ups & night jams.
  • Health Walks.
  • Dining with his clique at the Swipers base.
  • Kwame Raj winning the SRC elections.

After school Plans:

Nana intends to further his education and attain some professional licenses and certifications in his field.

He also plans to be a major facilitator of modern age economic development in Ghana and Africa through Finance and Commerce. In addition, he intends dazzling the world with his golden ideas and pursues all his crazy dreams – the world needs to watch out.



  • Peer Tutoring: Peer tutoring is more like a ministry to him.


  • Finance, Economics, Business Advisory, E-commerce and Real Estate.


  • Lifestyle Photography – He has an undeniable passion for the art of photography, and has served as a photographer in his church, Shammah Assemblies of God Church from 2014 to date.

He is the co-founder and lead photographer of In-house Photography


  • Basketball: He is a die-hard Golden State Warriors Fan and a lover of the game of basketball. His favourite players are Stephen Curry, Jason Tatum, Rajon Rondo, Russel Westbrook, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant and Damian Lillard.


  • Soccer: He loves Cristiano Ronaldo and believes he is the greatest of all time. He supports the Black Stars and is a Juventus fan. His other favourites players are Eden Hazard, Paulo Dybala, Zinedine Zidane, Andrea Pirlo, Andre Dede Ayew, Luca Modric and Kylian Mbappé.


  • Movies: He is a huge comedy, action and adventure movie lover. He labels “You don’t mess with the Zohan”, “Like Mike”, “Lottery Ticket”, “Barbershop”, “The 300”, “Chronicles of Narnia”, “John Wick” and “Surfer, Dude” and “Fast and Furious” as his favourites of all time. His favourite actors include Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, Idris Elba, Bolanle Ninalowo, Drew Barrymore, Tank, Regina Hall, Whoopi Golberg and Jason Statham.


  • Games: Nana loves Chess and monopoly – these are games he believes challenges him mentally


  • Music: He seems to find the rhythm in almost every genre. Among his favorite jams are “I believe” – Lenny Leblanc, “Cannot Turn Away” – Jamie Slocum, “August Town” – Duane Stephenson, “Ojuelegba” – Wizkid “Kingston Town” – UB40, “Wish me well” – Timi Dakolo, “Pray for me” – Darey, “Uyo Meyo” – Teni and “Champion” – Chipmunk. As for a favourite artist, he expresses that it’s impossible to point out all because the list is too tall.


  • Travelling: He loves exploring different places all around the globe. Among the places he hopes to visit are the Grand Canyon, Ibiza, Mykonos, Fiji and Palms – Dubai. He also wishes to live in France and Spain at some point in his lifetime.


  • Fashion: He is a lover of sneakers (Subtle Sneakerhead), Native wear, Denim and Calderon trousers, V-necks, hoodies, watches, and Loffers – favourite brands include Breitling, Tag Heuer, Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, CK, Louboutin, Nike, ADIDAS, Louis Vuitton, Fila, and Jordans (especially 13 Retros).


  • Food: If it is spicy and crunchy, I love it


Favourite Places to hang out: Aqua Safari, Hillburi, Bloombar, Movënpick & Bojo Beach Resort.



Greatest Fear: Living without purpose.


One person, you can die for: Nobody on earth


Favourite quotes:

“If you want more, give all”

“Anybody can go from notorious to glorious – the key lies in good nurture”

“When you ask for rain, be ready for thunder”




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