Looking To Study At GIMPA? Here Is A List Of Courses Offered There

Thinking of applying for Undergraduate Programs at Gimpa for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Looking to study at Gimpa?
Over the years people from all walks of life have been able to pursue training for undergrad and diploma course at Gimpa

Here is a list of course offered at Gimpa.
Business School / Greenhill:
Business School / Greenhill Bachelor of Accounting 4 years
Bachelor of Economics 4 years
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship 4 years
Bachelor of Finance 4 years
Bachelor of Marketing 4 years
Bachelor of Human Resource Management 4 years
Bachelor, Operation and Supply Chain Management 4 years
Bachelor, Hospitality And Tourism Management 4 years
Bachelor, Procurement Management 4 years
Bachelor, Project Management 4 years

School of Technology Undergraduate Programmes 4 years

School of Public Service and Governance Bachelor of Public Administration 4 years

Law School LL. B Day Programme 4 years
LL. B Regular Programme 3 years
LL.B Modular Program 4 years


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