Neon Is The “New Black” In The World Of Makeup! Why? You Need To Read This!

For the next 2-3 months (we aren’t quite sure how this trend is going to pick up), neon inner corner eyeshadow is going to be trending everywhere (you heard it here first!).

Neon really is the biggest colour trend of the year. From fashion to beauty and even accessories, we keep seeing neon shades of green, orange, pink, and yellow pop up on our Instagram feeds, and nope, we’re not tired of it yet.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s a little too much especially during the day but a little colour never hurt anyone.

Within minutes the neon inner corner shadow look comes together and the end result is actually more subtle and prettier than you’d imagine. It’s better to dip a toe into the neon trend this way rather than diving in head-first with full-lid ‘lewks’.

Check out some Instagram pictures which could give you inspiration.


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Which of these looks are you going to rock this week?!

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