These Makeup Tips Will Help You As A Beginner!!

This is a judge-free zone where you can learn about tips and products that will help get you started on the beauty basics.

Usually, people turn to makeup as a solution for their skin woes, but makeup can only do so much. It’s always a good idea to take care of your skin as best you can first and foremost.

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Here are some of the tips you should know.

1. Always use an eye primer before applying eyeliner and eyeshadow. 

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This prevents them from fading or smudging the eyeshadow. 

2. Buy the necessary makeup products

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Some brushes in the brush set are quite unnecessary. Try to start your collection with a flat foundation brush for heavier coverage, a big fluffy kabuki brush (for blush, bronzer, or a light application of foundation). You should also try to find a few eyeshadow brushes because a good eyeshadow brush makes a world of difference.

3. Concealer

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It’s important to decide what you’ll mostly be using it for under-eye coverage for dark circles or to cover up scars and acne. Most concealers are able to do both.

4. Eyeliner

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For beginners, it’s usually best to start with liquid eyeliner because it requires the least amount of experience to get a decent line. Just be careful if you buy an eyeliner pen: If you don’t store it upside down, it could dry out. Gel eyeliners often dry out as well, but if that happens, just mix it with a little bit of coconut oil, and it will be good to go.

5. Use finishing spray

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Finishing Spray gives your face an even, natural look. It helps your makeup stay on longer and also gives your face a nice, dewy glow.  If you want a cheaper alternative, you can make it yourself with glycerin, rose water, and a spritzer.

6. Shaped brows up your makeup game!

If you already have a brow brush, you can fill your brows in with brow powder ($23). If you don't have a brush and would rather use a brow kit, you can get one on Amazon for $4.19

Don’t forget, skincare first, then your makeup follows.

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