Father’s Day: What Gift Are You Getting Your Dad Today? Member Of Parliament, Ras Mubarak Has Suggested The Best Gift We Can Give To Fathers

Today is Father’s Day… Yes, it doesn’t come with all the hype and buzz like Mother’s Day but it’s worth celebrating.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, a Member of Parliament for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak has come up with a great idea to help father’s build a good relationship with their children.

Children are close and have a good relationship with their mothers because mothers, unlike fathers, spend a lot of time with their kids throughout their stages of growth…

For this reason, Ras Mubarak has suggested that fathers should, like mothers, be given paternity leave to enable them spend more time with their children.

“Instead of greeting cards and breakfast in bed, the best gift we can give fathers is to encourage paternity leave, to enable fathers spend more time with their families,” the member of parliament said.

“It is hard to build a relationship with a child you see for only a few hours. Fathers matter and their place is not just to work but also to spend more time with the family,” Ras Mubarak added.

What do y’all make of Ras Mubarak’s suggestion?… Should fathers be given paternity leave to spend more time with their families?

Let us know what you think about this…

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers (including the potential ones).

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