#MattarBlue: The Story Behind The #BlueForSudan Campaign You Should Know About

Mattar Blue

This week, a lot of celebrities and social media influencers are either posting the colour blue and/or even replacing their profile pictures with a blank blue picture.

In case you’ve been wondering why they are all doing that – then here is an explainer for you.

The blue colour, which is now being called on social media as the Mattar Blue, is now a symbol for the fight of democracy in Sudan.

Twenty Six-year-old Mohammed Mattar, whom the Mattar Blue is named after, always loved colours. But this specific shade of blue that is being used by many worldwide was his prefered choice of blue – Mattar Blue.

Mattar Blue

It had been his profile picture on social media accounts for years and on June 3, 2019 Mohammed Mattar, was among a hundred of other martyrs that were killed by the Rapid Support Forces also known as Janjaweed in Sudan.

The forces, who are loyal to the Transitional Military Council of Sudan, attacked the General Command Head Quarters in Khartoum to disperse the peaceful sit-in.

Mohammed Mattar

The peaceful sit-in was a protest by civilians who were protesting at the military HQ by just sitting outside the premises – all they want is a democratic rule in Sudan and not a military rule as it is now.

After his passing, Mattar’s family and friends started changing their profile pictures and replacing it with the Blue picture he’s had on his social media accounts for years. They did this to honour him.

Their act spread and others started doing the same. This spread because Mattar was a great person who was loved by many and many felt his loss.

It then transformed into a movement. This shade of blue became representative of the many martyrs of the Sudanese Revolution.

Martyrs from Darfur, Khartoum and Decentralized people of Sudan, all of them are fallen victims of the regime.

Mattar Blue became a way to spread awareness about what is happening in Sudan.

What Is Happening In Sudan?

The Sudanese people first started protesting in December 2018 against the rule of former President Hassan al-Bashir, who resigned on April 11, 2019.

Their demonstrations were sparked by the government’s decision to increase the prices of everyday items such as bread and fuel in a bid to improve the economy, but it soon spiralled into widespread discontent at al-Bashir’s 20-year rule.

Since April, Sudan has been ruled by a military council largely controlled by Gen Mohamed Hamdan “Hemeti” Dagolo, who was instrumental in the atrocities committed in Darfur.

The Transitional Military Council claims it needs to be in charge to retain order and security in Sudan – but the death toll suggests otherwise.

Pro-democracy demonstrators continue to be ignored as they stage sit-ins outside the army headquarters in Khartoum, in a bid for democratic rule.

Security forces have killed at least 124 people (including Mohammed Mattar) in the capital and across the country in a sweeping crackdown, according to protest organisers.

So far it’s been revealed that over 700 people have been injured from the chaos in the African country.

The military crackdown and massacre in Sudan are now gaining worldwide attention – Mattar Blue is also amplifying the fight of the Sudanese for democracy to prevail in their country.


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