If You’re In Your 20’s, You’ve Definitely Met These 5 People! You’re Probably Even One Of These!

You hate to admit that you were close to some people at a point probably because of the pain and hurt they left you with but charley, they still added value to your life. They helped you understand how snakes work and now, you’re more careful with your friends. Life de33 it’s like that. If you’re in your 20’s you’ve probably come across this person and more and they’ve probably shaped you into the person you are right now.

The Risk Taker

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This person is probably the reason why you’ve joined loom. Lool! We hit the nail right on the head right? These people are always craving some sort of adrenaline rush for everything they do. They can place everything on the line. Some may work but others too will fail but that’s life right? They inspire you to live on the edge sometimes…after all, YOLO!

The Life Of The Party

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This person is always being invited to the coolest parties cuz she will make it jam! Life of the party! If he/she’s not RSVP it means you the party organizer aren’t serious. Because of them you know some cool kids and own some clothes your mum will be disappointed to see you in.

Those who seem to have everything under control

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Sigh! There really is always that person! Can’t we all act like young adults?! Noooppee! This person comes around and shows you that your life is a mess and you need to sort it out. They already have a business which is steadily growing, they’re investing in a lot of things you don’t understand and do not even take money from their parents anymore unlike you who’s always broke and waiting for the month to end fast so you receive your allowance from your parents. Sigh.

The coworker who makes life difficult

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Whatever you’ve done, they’ve done twice of that. They do everything better than you. They stay late to finish up extra work and come to work early. Your boss likes them better than you (obviously). They have the most banging bodies. They have a lot of links. They know famous people. In short, as compared to them, you’re just drab.

The person whose lifestyle makes no financial sense

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You think about is saaaa and you come to the conclusion that this person is pushing drugs or doing fraud or even shopping phones cuz charley. You’re probably receiving more salary than they are and you don’t have enough to ball like they do every time. If you ask what business they do, they’ll tell you “ibi tins”.

Which of these have you already met in this journey called life?

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