Award-Winning Rapper Edem Goes To Prison For A Worthy Cause

Award-winning rapper, Edem is out there doing all the right things to snatch our hearts.

We love us a celebrity who uses his influence to do things that help society.

Y’all know that Ghana Prisons is not a very good place to live. We’ve heard stories of deplorable sleeping conditions, many being made to sleep in overcrowded cells.

Talk of poor ventilation and inhumane sanitary conditions.

A prison sentence is literary a demotion from being a human to being an unkempt animal.

Sometimes, proper toilet facilities are not available.

That’s where our heroic rapper comes to play.

Edem joined forces of Essential Relief to build 10 for the Winneba Local Prison.

This is such a worthy cause and we’re glad Edem is championing this.

More of this, please…

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