A Girl Tried To Pin Her Pregnancy On Her Ex-Boyfriend But She Got Something Else


It’s really hard out there on this dating streets.

Most people who have been doing this dating thing for a while now might have one or more exes by now.

… no… that’s not a crime.

But very few have been able to stand their ground when they get a pregnancy scare.

When an ex-girlfriend you recently had sex with tells you that she’s pregnant, you instantly want to believe it cos you would be thinking – “was that sex a trap”?

But not this Nigerian guy who uses the handle bbby4life on Twitter.

When his ex, whose name he’s saved as “Mean Witch” on his phone reached out to him that she might be pregnant for him, bro wasn’t there for this.

Just by how the name has been saved – you should know there is no love there and he definitely isn’t in the mood to start co-parenting with her.

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He took to Twitter to share screenshots of a conversation he had with the ex-girlfriend when she tried so hard to put the pregnancy on him.

“I swear I’m not responsible and you can tell from the chat she is been devious, I don’t want to be a father to a child that’s not mine,” he said in the tweet.

Just in case you can’t read the screenshots properly in the Tweet, we have them below for you;

Sis said “Yo” and already the guy met her with hostility…

Just in case this one below confuses you – the relationship was a triangle with another girl…

So… there was a threesome — one guy – two girls… but the guy used a condom when he had sex with the girlfriend and went raw with the other girl…

Now sis claims her fertility level is 1000% supercharged…

Listen… just in case you, like some of us just heard “scissoring” in sex, here’s what it means…

Now that the girl must go and look for her baby daddy, you can at least be glad that you’ve updated your sex education lessons today.

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