These Are The Types Of People At A Workplace Meeting! Which One Are You?

If you work in an office space, chances are you’ll need to have meetings or brainstorms, if not often then at least once a month. We’re all different, with drastically different personality types. Sometimes, our personalities work together to create a fantastic meeting. Other times, they clash and the meeting is next to useless. Here are some of the characters you’ll come across in a meeting.

The one who looks and acts like he/she doesn’t want to be there

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To be fair most people will rather be doing whatever boring work they do than to be sitting in a meeting that doesn’t directly affect them but this person makes it a little too obvious. They come into the meeting/brainstorm with no notepad, they look really really bored and do not contribute to anything. They keep checking their time as if to say they have a better place to be.

The Joker

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They try to make light of everything anyone says. You give a suggestion and they’ll make you regret even talking.

The Note Taker

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Ei… most serious! They’ll make you feel like you de3 the job nu, you don’t appreciate it. Every single utterance is furiously scribbled down. You don’t need someone to take minutes of the meeting… just contact their notes.

The Texter

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This person is so annoying. We will all be trying to think of amazing ideas and this person is busily texting. You’ll check too ah it’s nothing serious… they’re looking at clothes on Instagram or funny videos on youtube. They’ll be busily tweeting about how shit meetings are. This person barely looks up when directly addressed.

The suck up

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They always support what the boss says in the meeting. If the boss has issues with an idea, they also have issues with it. They’re one of the most hated people in meetings. Can’t you think for yourself??

The one who is always late

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Lol! They’re always the last to walk into a meeting. They disrupt everything and they have to keep apologizing. We need to go back and give a recap of the meeting wasting more time.

The Skeptic

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Nothing you suggest is ever good for this one. They keep punching holes into whatever suggestion is given and don’t even bring their own ideas. Even if you don’t hear them say anything out loud you will at least hear them kiss their teeth or shake their head in the second that you open your mouth.

The silent one

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Give ideas ar booboo! This person almost always has nothing to say or contribute. They probably hate public or fear of being judged by The Skeptic so they never contribute.

Did we cover all the personalities? Who did we leave out?

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