Is Your Protective Style Causing More Harm Than Good To Your Hair? You Need To Read This!

We keep saying everyone has different hair. You cannot be sitting your somewhere and be comparing your hair growth and reactions to other people. Know your hair for yourself. That is the only way you’ll be able to know if something works for you or not.

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That being said, we know we’ve been preaching the gospel of protective covering for some time now but there are certain situations where the protective covering does more harm.

For some people, their hair becomes drier than normal when they do braids even though they clean and moisturize their hair on the regular.

For others, oh their edges! Braids kinda just pull their edges all out.

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You might make sure that the one braiding the hair doesn’t make it tight but in the end, when you remove the braids, it comes out with a handful of hairs.

There are just a few things that you can do to help yourself

Manipulate your own hair

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For example, you can just twist your own hair so that you avoid over manipulation. This way also, you are able to moisturize and wash your hair as often as you need to. You can also try Bantu knots or even buns so you tuck in your ends. Image result for natural hair bantu knotsAs much as possible, avoid over-manipulation!


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If your hair is in a protective covering, chances are you neglect it. Your work isn’t done! Your hair in protective covering does not mean you’re on a break from taking care of your hair. Yes, the workload may have reduced but the simple things like moisturizing and cleaning your scalp should be done.

Proper Installation

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Know people who understand natural hair and can work with it. Some people comb natural hairs with wrong combs which cause your scalp to hurt and remove strands of your hair. The braids or cornrow you do should not be so tight that you can’t even sleep at night. Those of you who also like really long braids should know that it stresses your scalp and sometimes cause your hair to come out.

Protective styling if done right can aid hair growth but as we said earlier, each to his own. Know your hair for yourself.

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