Wonder What Your Body Parts Were Called In Ancient Times? Try Not To Laugh At These


In Ghana, it’s what we call your accent if you are from ‘amanorne’… but what it really means is, slang is basically informal words used by a specific group of people. They are usually more commonly used when speaking, not writing.

Now, enough about school definitions.

We’ve been using slang our whole lives I’m sure, and it always changes so you have to be “hip” to know what’s “on fleek!”

Many years ago, slang still existed and now, here are some really cool slangs we found for simple body parts but the gag here is, they were only used as far back as the 16th and 17th century!!

Lowkey, we’d love it if some of these caught on!!


Image result for brain skull gif

It’s still used in modern day English and it’s what people used to call the skull. Makes sense tho cos the Skull is the case for the brain right? It’d make a brilliant insult, won’t it?


Image result for blah blah blah gif

Since the 17th Century, the clapper has been used to mean the tongue! This makes sense too cos your tongue is constantly moving like there’s a standing ovation right?


Image result for show off nails gif

We’ve been seeing the word grabbers on social media these days right? When women get their nails done and caption it with grabbers…we dunno what they’re grabbing but in the 18th century, grabbers were used to mean hands and grabbing irons meant fingers!!!


Image result for maypole gif

People back in the 17th Century called the penis Maypole. It’s hilarious because you know what a Maypole is right? A long painted pole decorated with flowers and ribbons which people danced around on May Day. So…Maypole right???

Spectacle Seat

Image result for glasses slip gif

It was the Victorian word for the bridge of your nose because, where else does your glasses rest on? Lmao


Image result for twerk gif

Prat is a 16th Century term for ass so, if  Medikal were rapping during that time, guess what he would have said! “Abowa! wo prat no no?”


Image result for superman curly gif

You know that lose lock of hair that hangs over some people’s foreheads? Like Superman? Okay here in Ghana, most guys cut their hair and most ladies barely notice but it exists and we’ve heard some people say people with these are very wicked but that’s a story for another day! But somewhere in the 19th century, they calle it aggravators

Prayer Bones

Image result for on your knees gif

Guess what your prayer bones are??? Your knees!! Those times when people actually got on their knees to only pray…makes absolute sense!


Image result for eyes pop out gif

Keekers are your eyeballs according to old Scottish English. To keeks means to see so, if you want to show someone something, guess what we will be saying instead of peep? “Have you keeked this yet?”

So..are we updating our slang dictionary or nah?

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