Where Our Ladies At?! Check Out How You Can Werk Your Clothes This Rainy Season!

With the recent rains, it’s obvious it’s time to bring out all those long sleeved clothes you stashed at the back of your wardrobe.

Bring out those boots you thought you couldn’t wear again since it was so hot.

It’s cold baby girl and we’re going to make it fashion!! Check out some of the clothes you should have and rock this rainy season.

  Basic cropped sweater and high waist jeans + boots

Image result for black people in basic cropped sweater and high waist jeans and boots

Long sleeved 2 piece biker shorts set

Image result for biker shorts set plus sneakers

 Oversized dress with denim jacket

Image result for oversized shirt with denim jacket and sneakers

Bomber jacket

You can pair this with any outfit of your choice and manage to feel warm.

Which of these do you already have? Which are you yet to get?

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