Here Are Some Problems Only People With Piercings Will Understand!!

Making the decision to get a major piercing is a big one. Not only is there the discomfort that comes with getting it done, but there’s also the problems that can surface afterward – and not just the obvious ones. Here are some things people with piercings can definitely relate to.

Getting “the look” from other people

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You know the look we’re talking about. The one where they act like you are less than human because you have a tiny hole in your body.


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Aftercare can be very very annoying. You need to keep it dry and use certain solutions on it. It’s during this period that you’ll mostly be trying to convince yourself it’s all worth it.

Your Friends/Family Pointing Out How Ridiculous You Will Look When You’re Older

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Tsw. Other older people have them and when you get to that age, you’ll become one, and you can show all the naysayers how great you look.

It’s quite addictive

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You may begin with just one nose piercing but will end up quite a number and then your family members will probably start complaining and you’ll probably be wondering if you’re going to end up on someone’s “most pierced people” list.

That brief Moment Of Doubt Just Before You Get Pierced

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Usually, this moment becomes rarer the more piercings you actually get, but even if you’ve had your fair share of needles stuck into you, you’re still likely to get a wave of doubt when you know a barrage of pain is about to hit you.

People Accidentally Knocking Your Piercing Just After It’s Been Done

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It’s almost like someone put an alert on you that you’ve gotten a new piercing. You can almost guarantee that in the period just after getting a piercing, when it’s still healing and at its most sore, someone is bound to unknowingly give you a massive slap, hug, or knock right on the spot where the pain is.

People asking if it hurt

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Well… obviously! I just drilled a hole into my body and put jewelry in it. But once you say, “Yes, obviously”, you’ll then be asked why you keep getting them. And so the cycle of inane questioning continues. sigh.

Do you have body piercings? Do you plan on getting one soon?

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