5 Strange And Completely Bizarre Addictions That Are Shockingly Real!

You might think these people are doing this for attention but the truth of the matter is that people get addicted to a variety of things. It’s important to remember that addiction is a mental illness.

Their addiction makes their brains produce chemicals for happiness and joy, they associate that weird thing with happiness and joy, and addiction is born. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t…weird. Here are some weird addictions that are real!

Erm… Jesus? Can you please come down for a minute?

Drinking Human Blood

Image result for Julia Caples

Yup! A real-life Vampire! Julia Caples drinks almost two liters of blood every month since she was 15 (she’s 45 now). Oh yh… she’s goth. According to her, when she feeds off on a person and drink their blood, she feels stronger and healthier.

Erm… ew!

Drinking Urine

Image result for woman addicted to drinking pee

Oh yeeaahh you de3 you’re addicted to Coke, our aunty here is addicted to drinking her own Urine same thing right? Lmao! 53-year-old Carrie drinks about 80 ounces of her urine each day – sometimes by glass and sometimes using a Neti pot to drink it nasally. She puts the urine in her eyes, uses it to brush her teeth and saves it to rub aged urine on her skin.

Wait… what?

Eating Mattresses

Image result for man addicted to eating mattresses

Jennifer’s addiction began at age 5 when she ate the seat of the family car. She has consumed more than 8 mattresses since her addiction began. Her brother is worried about Jennifer’s health because he saw chunks of mattress in the toilet — after they had passed through her undigested.

Till death do us part? I think not.

Eating Ashes Of Dead People

Image result for addicted to eating ashes

Casie, who was 26 years old at the time she admitted to her addiction said that she couldn’t stop eating her dead husband’s ashes. She said she first took a taste when she was moving the ashes to a special urn. And when some spilled, she licked the ashes off of her fingers and that was the beginning of the addiction.

This one’s scary…

Eating Glass

Image result for woman addicted to eating glass

27-year-old Josh eats glass up to 5 times a week and has consumed more than 250 lightbulbs and 100 glasses in his lifetime. Oh! And he swallows bullets!

Which of these shocked you the most?

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