Short People Are ‘Soffaring’!!! These Are The Problems They Go Through But Everyone Else Overlooks!

Being short is hard!

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And you make your problems worse because for some reason. you’re only attracted to taller people and most of your friends are taller than you! In fact, we bet your best friend is waay taller than you but that’s fine right?

Opposites attract, remember?

Being short is adorable! Short women get to wear any heeled shoe of their choice and still look cute in it and for the short men…ermmm…let’s just focus on the fact that the short women can wear heels okay?

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These are the problems every short person faces on the regular!!!!!!

You’re the butt of every short person joke! Literally!!

And everyone constantly reminds you that you’re short! Yes, we get it! We are short! Move on!!

It’s hard when you’re hanging out with your friends and you have to walk somewhere! Lol,  your short legs can never keep up!!!!

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When you go for concerts, it’s just stress cos you either have to go with a tall friend who can carry you or you just go early so you can stand close to the stage!

This isn’t really a bad thing for short girls but for short guys, your whole life of hugging is just memories of your face in every single woman’s sweaty boobs.

Whenever you go to the supermarket, you really can’t pick anything from the top shelf without asking for help! And when you’re home, lol, a stool or some gymnastics always does the trick!

Buying jeans? Yeah you either have to shop in the kids section or forever fold up your jeans so you don’t look like you’re in jean gowns.

Short people who drive probably have constant neck problems. It’s not easy stretching your neck all the time while driving just because you want to see!!!

Crop tops don’t exist for you cos for short people, they are just regular T Shirts…

And for the guys, every regular sized shirt is like a dress for you!

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You can easily get lost in a crowd and no one will find you! If you too you lose your friends in a crowd, just turn around and go home cos there’s no way you’d find them without walking on stilts!

Taking group pictures can be a drag cos if you don’t stand in front, then it’s only the top of your head that will always be seen.

And when you want to take a selfie, your tall friends have to bend the knee or else…

For some reason, no one ever uses any other adjective to describe your fine self! Everyone always says “You’re cute”

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And short boys, lol they have it really hard in the field of dating! Tall girls don’t want them and short girls don’t want them! So who? Who can they date??

It’s so annoying when you have to be an armrest for everyone taller than you! No matter where you find yourself, once you’re standing next to someone slightly taller than you, you’d find their arm on your shoulder, pressing you deeper into the ground like you aren’t close enough already!


Being short is tough and that’s why y’all are always so angry! But relax, calm down…cos we love love love you!!!

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