Let’s Admit It Guys, These Are The Kind Of Colleagues Who Will Always Drive You Crazy At Work!

If you’re a worker then you know for a fact that in the workplace, there are so many different types of people you meet every day!

Some may make your life pleasurable, some you don’t care about and some too are so annoying you want to pull your hair out when you see them!!

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These are the type of people in the workplace who will irritate TF out of you!

The annoying double personality

This person is the laziest person at work you know, but guess what? Your bosses don’t know that! Why? Because they think she/he is the most hardworking person ever!

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Whenever this person is assigned to your team, lowkey, he or she does NOTHING but guess what? When the boss comes around, guess who will be the loudest acting like it was all their idea?? Yhup!!

The nosy colleague

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They always want to know what is going on in your personal life! If you’re on the phone, they’d roll by with an “eeei who are you talking to” or maybe you are sitting next to your work friend, laughing and talking then before you know it…”Eeei what are you guys talking about?” Nosy colleagues are the ones who are likely to find your social media handles and follow you. They’re always all up in your business, trying to get close!

The Failed Comedian

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They’re the ones always making jokes and 99 per cent of the time, these jokes aren’t even funny but will they ever stop? No! They won’t! They laugh the loudest at their own jokes too and ughh it’s so difficult getting any work done around them cos the loudness, the forced jokes…everything is so cringe-worthy it’s deafening!

The Bully

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Workplace bullies always have something to say about what you do or say in the worst way possible! It’s hard expressing yourself, giving ideas around them because they’d definitely pass snide comments that will get everyone else laughing at you and killing your confidence! They will constantly critique your work and make you question your own judgement every time!

The Competitors

These ones want to do everything right in the sight of the bosses.

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No matter what you’ve been assigned to do, they see it as a competition and want to be the best, the fastest, the earliest…everything! It’s a great quality but when it’s overdone, it is annoying!

The Suck-Ups

These ones have managed to become the boss’s pet and someway somehow, they use that privilege to get out of doing a lot of things! They get away with things you will get scolded for and if they do something that is obviously wrong, it suddenly becomes a team thing and you all get scolded for it!

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We know how irritating these people can be but, let’s be honest, you never really expected your office to be heaven did you? These kinds of people sort of balance things out but…if you must smack one of them in the face one day, by all means, do that but not in the office…HR is watching!!!!

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