Lol You FIFA Losers Can Lie!!! Here Are 8 Silly Excuses People Give For Losing In A FIFA Match

Nothing dey bore pass you play a game of FIFA and the person who loses fails to acknowledge your win because of some dumb excuse!!

It’ so annoying that look…right now we taya all of you!!

In fact, the next time you score a friend in a FIFA game and he gives you an excuse, ask the person this question loudly and answer if they don’t!!

“What do we say to the friend of excuses?”

Everyone has that one friend who is so full of excuses every single time!! LOL

They will never admit to losing even if they lost all the games they played.

Here are 8 of the excuses all sore losers give any time they lose a game of FIFA

1. “Then I just dey play plus you”

Oo Boss!! But we were all playing so where from this? LOL Just admit it, you shaa pass…

2. “Ma controller  no dey job”

The pad was working perfectly when you were winning but as you dey lose dier the pad isn’t working erh? We have just 4 words for you…







3. “Ano choose ma team”

Cool down bro! Did your opponent chose the team for you or you want to blame your family witches? Nobody chose the team for you so we won’t take that excuse kraa.

4. “Then my thumb dey pain me”

Chale! Chale! So your opponent was using his teeth to control the pad cos we dun gerrit?!!??

Ah we have one message for you…


5. “The referee doesn’t like my team”

Lamoa! You p3 you get enemies erh! A digital game! How is the referee hating on you??

Stop lying!


6. “Ebi PES ah dey play ano dey play Fifa”

So all that while when you were playing the FIFA game you thought it was counters ball erh? Just accept the defeat bro!

7. “The jersey I wear no help me kraa”

First of all, just know that all Liars go to hell! Fifa gave you 3 alternative jerseys to choose from but you choose the one you liked and you are now saying you lost cos of the jersey?

What lie this?

8. “Ano play the match for my stadium that be why I lose”

Lol! We are sure you would have lost even if they brought the match to your bedroom.

This excuse really dey vex!!!

In fact, all of them dey vex!

Which is why, this July, at Tidal Rave, anyone who gives these excuses will be lashed!!


Image result for salute funny gif

These are all the excuses we could come out with… which one did we leave out?

Let us know!

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