Your Complete 101 On Sexting With Emojis!

Who are we as millennials not to accept technology’s advancements and use them to our gain? Lol! Sexting is fun and all but the introduction of emojis took everything to a whole new level.

First of all, we advise that you use snapchat or telegram to sext cuz you can determine how long your chat can be exposed to the other person once they open it and also you would be alerted when they take a screenshot of the chat so using these social media platforms is quite freeing. You can even decide to send nudes and it’s just your business.

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Here are some of the emojis you can make use of for a whole new sexting experience.

1.Winking emoji

Image result for winking emoji

This emoji, when used right can change the convo you’re having into something dirty real quick. You can send a message like, “Can’t wait to see you tonight” with the emoji and it takes the recipients minds to really dirty places.

2. The purple eggplant


Y’all already know this emoji works wonders! Lmao. If a guy sends this emoji to you or vice versa it just means he wants to f#*ck you, excuse our french. The eggplant represents his dick.

3. The tongue


C’mon. When this emoji came fresh didn’t it seem a little dirty to you? No? So it was just us? Wow…okay. Well… it simply means cunnilingus and free advice… learn to go down on your partner. It locks them down.

4. The peach


This emoji represents your butt, your botos, your yansh, your booty… anyhow you want to call it. Every lady likes a booty compliment so make use of the emoji during sexting to shoot one her way.

5. Taco

Image result for taco emoji

This is even new to us but apparently, the taco represents the p*$$y and analysing what the emoji looks like, it kinda makes sense.

6. Three water drops


Squirting, ejaculation, cum… do you get the picture? Good. So you can pair the purple eggplant, the tongue and the three water drops emoji to create a sentence which means “I want to go down on you till you cum”. ðŸ† ðŸ‘… ðŸ’¦ You’re welcome.

7. Shocked face

Image result for shocked emoji

The emoji looks very very innocent and is minding its own business but pair it with the purple eggplant emoji and… you get the picture right? No? Giving head. Yh. You see it now right? Image result for shocked emoji ðŸ†

8. Finger bang

There really isn’t any nice way to say this one. What? Should we say “fingering”? That sounds even worse lmao! Anyways, you can get this by pairing the finger pointing emoji and the OK emoji.  ðŸ‘‰ ðŸ‘Œ

9. Booty smack

Sending this emoji  ðŸ‘ to your mum or church group might mean applause but pairing the peach emoji with it gives you something not so holy.   ðŸ‘ ðŸ‘

10. The fire

Image result for fire emoji

The fire emoji generally means the thing dey pap. Pair it with the taco and it means her pussy is fire or even with the peach emoji to mean her butt really dey be you. You can also pair it with the purple eggplant to mean his dick is the bomb!

Remember that sexting isn’t supposed to be rigid so have fun with it. Be consistent with the emojis you use since one emoji can mean different things and your partner may get confused as to what exactly you’re talking about.


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