We Can’t Get Enough Of The Proud Fvck Boys Remixes! Here’s Every Reason Why Tulenkey Is Super Brilliant And A Great Rapper Too!!


After going into hiding for a while, Tulenkey emerged and just laid some bars on a freestyle and we were mindblown!!!

After that, it didn’t take long for him to announce that he was dropping not one but two remixes for one of his most popular songs, Proud fvck boys!!!


The features on both versions of the remix got us hyped cos we knew at least for the GH version that there was no way Lil Shaker, RJZ, Wanlov and Sister Derbie will disappoint us! He got the perfect team and just like we thought, the track was AMAZING!!!

It was extremely entertaining, we laughed a lot and it was everything we thought it will be!! Forget heavy bars…this was awesome!

In as much as the GH version made us so happy, the Naija version was something else too. Tulenkey bodied the two features so bad! He killed them on his own track and Falz did amazing at keeping up. The heat was too much for the ice we guess cos…heheeee!!!

The two versions are a brilliant move! We already know the song is basically an anthem in Ghana but now, guess whose song is going to be a Naija anthem too?!!

Brilliant move, brilliant song!

Listen to the Naija remix

And the Ghanaian remix too

Tell us which one borst your mind!

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