If You And Your Bestie Don’t Relate With These Things, Are They Really Your Bestie?!

Finding true and real friendship is really hard, that’s why most people have just a handful of people they actually call friends… most of the other people they relate with are colleagues and acquaintances.

Naturally, there’s this one you always relate with. There’s this one you always go to when in trouble or happy or just want to vent. Your bestie! We’re sure you can relate with at least 3 of these things.

You get the look they give you

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For both of you, language is more than the verbal one everyone understands. Body languages and cues are what drive your relationship.

You get jealous when your bestie has another friend

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Yuuupp… we’ve all been there. You want to talk to your bestie about something but she’s with her new friend. Or you want to go somewhere with her and she’s already been there with her new friend.

You can stop talking to each other… just like that!

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Oh yeeeaah! Just like sisters. Your bestie annoys you small and that’s it! You don’t talk until someone apologises… and it’s not going to be you.

 You’re their biggest fan

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No matter the situation you’re always going to be the loudest cheerer in the crowd!

You love them unconditionally

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Whether they’re being dragged on social media or they did something really wrong, you’re still going to love cuz they’re more like a family to you and you cannot help it!

You’re always broke at the same time

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You tend to share each other’s money soooo… if one person is broke, it affects both of you. If one person has money, you spend it together… like a real family.

How many of these could you relate with?

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