Here’s How To Avoid The White Residue On Your Lip When You Apply Gloss!

We’ve been there.

You apply gloss and feeling all fly going about your daily activities… well until you come across a mirror and you notice the white gross residue on your lip line and you start to feel self-conscious. Has it been there the whole time? Why is it there? Is it saliva? Is it from your lips? Is it because of the brand of gloss?

Calm your tits! We got all the answers for you boo.

It’s usually a result of too much product and sometimes from your own saliva. Here are some of the ways to avoid it.

Stop licking your lips

Image result for african lady licking her lips

It might be really hard to do (we can reeaally relate) but it must be done. You’re basically eating your makeup product and it’s not right. As we said earlier, sometimes it comes from your own saliva so be advised.

Reduce the amount of gloss

Image result for reduce the amount of gloss on an african woman

The excess gloss is what you see sometimes on your lip line so try and keep your application of gloss to a minimum.

Lick the part where the white residue forms

Image result for black people lips with gloss

Since you know it will happen, just lick that part of your lip line every 30-45mins. Lol… yh… it that easy. It does not mean you have to apply your gloss again though.

We really hope this was helpful. If you still don’t know what we are talking about, thank your stars!

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