Villaggio Vista – Here’s What We Know About The Luxury Apartment Complex

By now the residents of one of Accra’s most luxurious places Villaggio would be wondering what would happen to them after 24 hours.

That’s because, after the apartment complex was closed down by the Ghana Tourism Authority, the residents were given 24 hours to vacate the building.

Residents of Villaggio are among the rich and famous of the Ghanaian society, from businessmen and women to expatriates and some recreational venues such as the Sky Bar, AM & PM among others.

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Villaggio is a picturesque apartment complex that literally lights up the Accra skyline, it’s unique architectural design and colours quickly catches people’s attention.

It really is a thing of beauty.

Most of the big-time Hollywood celebs, Anthon Anderson, Boris Kodjoe, Jidenna, Diggy Simmons among others who visited Ghana last December were entertained in the facility

That is why it might have come as a shocker to most people that the GTA had to close down the facility for its inability to obtain proper licenses that cover their operations.

Villaggio has beautiful scenery and residents also get a beautiful view of the city – here are some interesting facts about this iconic apartment complex…

Villaggio is made of four buildings, it is the three towers namely the Azure Tower, the Aqua Tower, the Alto Tower that give many its truly distinctive aesthetic feel.

The buildings range between 7 to 30 storeys high and its beautiful body patterns are influenced by the Kente design.

It boasts of about 146 apartments, offices and retail accommodation, a gym, a rooftop terrace and pools with a residents’ bar atop the tallest of the towers.

The three noticeable towers the Aqua, the Green building, Azure is the 17 floor Red tower and the Alto is the 27-floor signature Yellow tower. In 2013, it was the tallest residential building in the country.

At Villaggio, residents can enjoy a unique panoramic roof terrace with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bar and real trees.

There is also two-level underground parking with a gym and a fitness centre.

It isn’t called luxurious for the namesake…it actually is luxurious…

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  1. If you are looking for the reason why Villagio has been closed, dont bother reading this article. The writer has no idea and instead talks in circles, repeating the same words.


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