LOL! These Game Of Thrones Tweets Were Better Than The Ending We Got!!!


The final episode of Game of Thrones will be giving us sleepless nights cos let’ face it…


We are so disappointed we’ve been staring into space for minutes every couple of hours  just wondering why…why would the writers of Game of Thrones do this to us.


One thing tho…the best part of this season has been the memes and the tweet and even though today’s tweets have been cries of disappointment, we found a couple that made us smile.

These are our faves!!


If this isn’t the truth!!

The fact that the person quoted this hilarious tweet from 2012 makes this even funnier!!

We all thought this as we watched him head to Castle Black right?

Bloody hypocrite…


lol Dracaryssss on that damned chair!

If this isn’t the truth!

Maybe there’s an upside to this stupid plot twist!!!

Sansa…Sansa…Well, at least Tyrion offered a solution right?

Right?!!! RIGHT???!!!!


Lmaoooo this is sooo funnyy cos man didn’t even stay!

Make sense…these damn writers!!

We are still hurt tho and yeah…if you haven’t watched the final episode, Don’t do it.

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