#KnowNo: Ghanaian Woman Narrates Horrifying Experience Of How She Was Sexually Abused & Nearly Got Kidnapped In Broad Day Light


For some time now, people have been giving accounts of having near kidnapping experience in the country.

Almost two months after the Takoradi girls were kidnapped… they are still nowhere to be found or better put, they have been returned to their families.

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Yesterday, Afia Pomaah Bonsu took to Facebook to share her own story of how a man sexually assaulted her and almost kidnapped her in the middle of the day in a public place.

Listen… the confidence of the kidnapper is so annoying and it will make you angry that the state of security (insecurity) in the country has given this person the ability to think it’s ok to kidnap and sexually assault someone when everybody is looking on.

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“I went out of the office to make photocopies of a document. On my way back a guy beckoned me to stop,” Afia started when she narrated her story on Facebook.

“He looked clean so I didn’t think for a second that he would pull the stunt he pulled off minutes after. He asked me where I’m headed and I signalled because my office was just a few blocks away.”

“Then he asked if I had gone for lunch to which I said yes. He insisted I go to lunch with him and I declined. Then he asked me to sit in his car with him which was a few meters away. I couldn’t see the plate properly because I wasn’t wearing my “eyes”. I declined again and he pressed on. At this point, I was beginning to lose my cool so I tried walking away,” Afia continued.

According to Afia, just as she started walking away, the gentleman snatched her phone and he started walking away from her.

“I was stunned at this point and I began to walk hurriedly after him all the while acting cool. He told me he won’t give it back till I agreed to get in his car. I realized the fix I was in and began yelling,” she wrote.

“When he realised he might be in danger, he handed me back my phone and grabbed my boobs with a smirk on his face and mouthed “I’ll f*ck whether you like it or not” then run as fast as he could,” Afia said.

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“I don’t want to conclude he’s a Nigerian because of his accent but he sounded like one.”

Afia says she is still stunned by the whole incident as this worst experience of her life “could have easily escalated if it didn’t happen in public and in broad daylight.”

“It’s so easy to get kidnapped even in public,” she observed and advised ladies to be careful since “we aren’t even safe in public spaces no more.

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