#KnowNo: Aseye Afi-Djangmah Joins Kuulpeeps For A 2-Month Riveting Campaign On Rape Culture


Last month, civil society organizations and governments have teamed up to discuss various topics and provide solutions to the numerous issues that fall under Sexual Assault.

Records from the Ghana police show that one of the many sexual acts of violence, rape, has been on the rise between the period of 2015 to 2017.

In 2015, 451 rape cases were reported, that went up to 497 cases in 2016 and ultimately to 514 cases in 2017, that means that at least someone was paid each day for three years continuously.


There has been online chatter about what seems to be how some basic Ghanaian culture or attitude is helping rape culture.

To delve into this matter, Kuulpeeps.com decided to launch the #KnowNo campaign. A social consciousness campaign that aims at providing support to victims while helping create a conversation on how the ordinary Ghanaian can help fight rape in the country.

At large, that is a similar goal to what the observation of the Sexual Assualt Awareness month seeks to do – to raise public awareness about sexual assault and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence.

To achieve the objective of this Kuulpeeps.com campaign, we enlisted the help of Aseye Afi-Djangmah, the Project Lead of Drama Queens, a theatre and feminist political NGO, to act as our Guest News Editor for the next three months.

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Aseye is the project director for the Drama Queens’ flagship project “Let’s Talk Consent”. As an ardent advocate on ending sexual and gender-based violence, she organises and facilitates sex-ed workshops which focus on respect and human dignity in sexual relationships as expressed through asking and recognising consent or non-consent, with the aim of ending rape culture.

She is also a participant of the Barack Obama leadership initiative, YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative).

The goal for the Kuulpeeps campaign is to start a conversation about rape culture and pointing out how all of us consciously or unconsciously aid rape culture.

Start this May and over the next 8 weeks, Aseye will lead the Kuulpeeps.com News Team, to bring you key information and resources on sexual assault, victim accounts and basically helping all of us #KnowNo when it comes to sex and consent.

In the month of April, the world observed Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a month where individuals and communities will be educated on how to prevent sexual violence – This article forms part of the Kuulpeeps.com two-month (May & June) campaign called #KnowNo, which is aimed at helping promote Sexual Assault Awareness.
We’re grateful to Aseye Afi-Djangmah, the Project Lead of Drama Queens, who is serving as the Kuulpeeps News Guest Editor for the two-month campaign.

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