Don’t Be A Boring Girlfriend! Let’s Help You Switch Everything Up A Bit! Here Are Some Tips About Being A Freak In The Bedroom!


Back then, women didn’t have that much of a choice when it came to spicing up their sex life and introducing some new things to their partner but today, the situation has drastically changed!

Now women are more expressive in the bedroom and voicing out what they really want and claiming their sexuality and we are all for it! If you want to know more about being a freak in the bedroom, we gotchu!

1. Be Confident

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When it comes to being a freak, you need to exude confidence! Say what you want with your chest even if it seems weird! Most guys actually love the idea of ladies taking control and will go with the flow. Trust us, to guys, there’s nothing hotter than seeing their woman enjoying every single second of it and seeing that you know what you want and you’re not ashamed of asking for it!

2. Tease him all the time

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Domination and teasing go side by side and to make him go wild for you, you have to master combining both and we assure you that you’ll then be unstoppable. He will be unable to stop bragging to his friends about what a sexy freak bomb you are.

3. Enjoy sex with all your body and soul

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Forget the rushed sex you’ve been having. You need to enjoy the sex you’re having. Go the extra mile… put music on… set the mood… wear some sexy lingerie… prepare your heart and mind cuuuzzz… the thing go over you.

Slow everything down. If you guys used to rush through your makeup session, this time, relax. Whisper things into his ear… take off his clothes slowly and kiss every part of him. Try as much as possible to experience every feeling in its fullness!

4. Mix things up

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Sticking to the same old routine over and over again makes sex a chore. You need to spice things up! Give him head whiles he’s sleeping. Pop up in his office and have a hot session there. His car? Quite risky but yup… some car sex bi can happen. Send him some naughty pictures while he’s at work or give him an erection in a public place. If you do this, he will be excited about what’s next and he will see you as a sex goddess!

5. Suggest kinky ideas

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Try out new sex positions or bring some toys into the bedroom. Men don’t always like being the one in control; sometimes they like when their lover takes over so they don’t have to think about it.

Tease him by playing with temperature changes like using an ice cube all over his body. You can also play a game of questions and answers, where you punish him or reward him in accordance with his answer.


Remember, both of you will never know what really is too much for you until you try it. Also, when you’re in the mood, y’ all will do almost anything.

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