Check Out The Different Hat Pieces There Are And How To Rock Each Of Them!


Including a hat to your look can immediately make you look elegant, reserved or flamboyant, serious or playful, casual or dressy depending on the look you’re going for.

When considering headwear, you should know that each type has a unique history and exudes its own style. Here are some of the most common types of hats.


They were initially used in France and Spain for their military uniform before they gained popularity. It can be worn at the centre, or on one side if you want to look all European. It goes well with formal one-piece dresses, vintage outfits, pencil skirts, and pantsuits.

Sun Hats

The best hat to use if you’re going to be outdoors for a long time. They provide protection from the glaring sun and scorching heat.

You can wear it with bikinis, swimsuits, cover-ups, flowing dresses, and anything you want.

Small/Mini Hats

They meet in the middle between the fedora and floppy hats. These can be used for both formal and informal occasions, depending on how it has been accessorized.


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Initially, it was the men that were wearing these types of hats until it became increasingly popular among women and then more feminine hats were made. These are slightly more casual and go with floral dresses, skirts, jeans, one-piece dresses, and jumpsuits.

Floppy Hats

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Just as the name goes, these come with a big and floppy rim that is not so sturdy but that makes them all the more stylish. Wear these with playsuits, floral dresses, jeans or anything casual on a hot summer day, and look effortlessly put together.


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Another type of hat that was initially worn by men but became popular among women later on.

Pair it with any leather outfit and you’re good to go. Ladies wear it to make up for a bad hair day, and when they are in a mood to look a little badass.

Which of these do you have in your closet?

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