This Nokia Phone Has Saved Lives And More In These Ridiculous Twitter Stories

Remember the Nokia 3310?

Image result for nokia 3310

It was tiny, had a strong battery life and the games lol, the games were lit!!!!!!

We just found out on Twitter that this phone did more than make you feel tech-savvy and dbee back in the day!

The things associated with this phone…look the phone needs a national recognition day! This phone is everyyyything!!!

Just look…

First of all, it can cause earthquakes!

You always need to have one in your car’s emergency kit!

And also have one on standby in case your generator doesn’t work

The battery life is FOREVER!

Oh, and be careful when you use it…you can go deaf!

It can destroy your items. Keep everything out of its reach!

Sometimes it comes alive!

Sometimes, it can actually go back in time!


And oh be careful where you leave it!

It’s also a great protection tool…

Did we talk about the power of its battery life already?

It’s a very useful tool!

One day we’d talk about how Patapaa’s Sco Pa Tu Manaa gibberish is trending and going viral on Twitter as “share your memories”

But for now…

Nothing is impossible for these Nokia 3310s!

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