Need A Drink? You’d Be Shocked Over These Outrageous Drinking Laws Around The World!


So there was a rumour on Twitter yesterday that Bloombar will not allow anyone under 22 into their premises. Most of you found it shockingly funny and well…rightly so cos let’s face it, is it not the people in the 20s who are ‘enjoying’ life and getting drunk on the regular? Lol.

Bloombar came to officially deny saying anything like that but because it was fun and outrageous, take a look at these really weird drinking laws in different parts of the world!!!

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In India, in a place called Maharashtra, anyone who wants to drink needs an officially-issued license to do so. Lol yes, you just finished school and you want to celebrate with some good old alcohol? Better head to the Government Civil Hospital in town for your license to drink!!!

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In Sydney, it is illegal to serve shots after midnight. Not only that, customers in a bar can’t buy more than four drinks at a time after midnight and lol there’s a 3 am curfew for serving drinks. LOL!

In La Paz, Bolivia…wait for it… married women can’t drink more than one glass of wine at a bar or restaurant!!! And get this, this law is to prevent married women from drunkenly flirting with other men lol.

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Lol, what do you do on election day? Vote, watch the elections on TV and go on social media to rant! Well, in Turkey, there’s no sale of alcohol on election day. So if your party wins, be like the celebration has to be done the next day!

In Thailand, you can only get drunk at a specific time!! You cannot buy alcohol between midnight to 11 am and also, between 2 pm and 5 pm.

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In Alaska, you are not allowed to drink if you’re under 21. But! you can drink only and only if the booze is given to you by a parent or guardian.

Super weird huh?

Small alcohol you want to drink ooo!

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