Here’s Why Kwabena Adu Darko-Asare Was Evicted From The Scripps Spelling Bee Despite Spelling All His Words Correctly

Our 13-year-old spelling hero, Kwabena Adu Darko-Asare who represented Ghana at the ongoing 2019 Scripps Spelling Bee Competition did his best to make Ghana proud.

He proved that given the opportunity, Ghanaians could also rub shoulders with the best of the very best.

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Yesterday, we told y’all the exciting news that Kwabena had advanced to stage 3 of the spelling bee competition after he correctly spelt all his onstage words.

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For his first on stage word, Kwabena spelt the word ‘gatherum’, meaning “a collection of miscellaneous items” correctly.

Then for his second word, he spelt the word ‘plenipotent’ correctly. Plenipotent is an adjective which means “invested with or possessing full power or authority.”

For many, that would mean that Kwabena should have advanced to the finals of the spelling bee competition.

However, it turns out that for a competition which is solely for spelling words, numbers play a huge role in who eventually gets to the finals.

Here is why… before the spellers get on the stage to take on their first words, they sit down to spell. They take a preliminary test before they go on the stage to spell.

Success in the test, according to the Spelling Bee, in a large part determines who goes to the Thursday finals.

The preliminary test consists of spelling and taking vocabulary multiple choice test.

Participants earn points to a maximum score of 36 to go into the finals.

They are required to spell 12 words to earn 12 points, then answer another 12 vocabulary questions which are also worth 12 points.

There are two additional vocabulary questions to coincide with onstage spelling words in rounds two and three and those words are worth three points each for six points. That makes a total of 30 points.

Then they add three points for correct spelling on the stage in rounds two and three and that’s 6 more points for a maximum possible score of 36 points.

After the spellers go through this process, the scores of each speller are tabulated and only the 50 with the highest scores are advanced to the finals.

Yes… though Kwabena aced all his onstage words, he might have lost points in the preliminary test and that denied him a place in the top fifty that will be participating in the Thursday finals.

However, we know Kwabena was in the top 100 out of 567 spellers from America and five other countries: the Bahamas, Canada, Jamaica, Japan and South Korea. For that alone… Kwabena is our hero.

Kwabena Adu Darko-Asare, Scripps Spelling Bee

We’re proud of you Kwabena, you’re amazing!

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