See…Don’t Trust Anyone!!! Here Are Some Types Of People You Should Never Ever Ever Trust No Matter What!!

See, in this life erh, there are some people you should steer clear from! They cannot be trusted at all!

We figured this out and thought it’d be great to help you all!

If you’ve ever wondered who spreads lies about you, who’s stabbing you behind your back…this list will help you!

In fact, this list will help you figure out who you should run from when you find out you’re alone with them and whose pic you should send to the police just in case something happens to you!!

This is our list of people you should never EVER trust.

People who eat jollof with stew. The rice was literally cooked in the stew but you still want stew SMH! Flee from such people… they like to spread rumours and lie to everyone. Greedy instigators.

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People who charge their phone at 50% and above. They never like to share what they have and will waste your time!!

People with more than one contact number. Doesn’t matter if it’s one for WhatsApp and a different one for calls or several numbers. Never date someone like this. They are either wanted criminals or they are cheaters!!!

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Never trust someone who dips their bread or biscuit in their tea or juice before eating. Anyone who likes soggy things should not be given the time of day!!

Oh, then there are the people who don’t watch Game Of Thrones and announce it every few minutes…mtseww anyone who never watched the greatest series of all time should not be trusted!! Only God knows what they were up to while the rest of the world watched and discussed.

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People who type in shorthand. Sry bt dey r frauds n wil stab u in de bck!

People who don’t like chocolates. Everyone likes chocolates!!!! Anyone who doesn’t has no iota of sweetness in them!

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People who don’t eat waakye with their hands. There’s only one reason: their hands have been soiled with all the evil they have done!

Guys who go to more than one barber. Every one knows every guy is loyal to a fault to their barber but if you know a guy who has two or more barbers, the person has no sense of loyalty and should never ever be trusted!

Bald guys. They have no hairlines to worry about what makes you think they even care about you?

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People who eat fufu with boiled eggs. What is wrong with you?????!!!!! If you can pair two things like this, then you’re a bosom and we serve a living God so yeah…you shall not be trusted!

People who chew ice. If you can bite and chew ice, clearly your heart is cold as ice block and you cannot be trusted alone with anyone!

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People who eat one nkosua ne mako (boiled egg with pepper). These are the type of people who will watch you get beaten for something you didn’t do. In fact, they’re probably the ones who lied about you!!

Save a life.

Spread the word.

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