You Asked And We Answered. Check Out These 5 Hard Facts About Guys In General!

If you are a female, then there is no denying that you have thought about these 4 things concerning guys and their sexual behavior or abilities and packaging.

Below are 5 facts about the sexual abilities and bodies of our beloved men…

Is it normal if his junk is curved?

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Yes it’s normal for his junk to be curved, but if he notices a major new curve when he is erect, then he should go see a doctor because it could be a sign of a disease called Peyronie

How long does it take for guys to reach the finish line?

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Apparently, most guys take 5 to 10 minutes after intercourse to climax but it’s actually really different for every guy. Some guys take waaayy longer before they cum.

How many guys fake it in bed?

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43 percent of guys admit to faking orgasms, which is surprising because we thought it will be lesser, but most guys claim it is easier to fake orgasms when wearing protection and it makes sense. You don’t necessarily check to see if there’s cum in it, do you?

Can his shoe size actually predict his size down there?

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No sis this is actually a myth, his shoe size doesn’t have anything to do with his penis length. However, there is a correlation between height, age, and index finger length.

Which type of condom do men prefer?

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Most guys prefer to raw dog it out but charley, you cannot really trust that your partner doesn’t have something you’ll catch hence the use of protection. Most guys prefer these types: Lubricated (for wetness feel), Extra thin(so it feels like skin on skin contact), Regular, Ribbed, glow in the dark, flavoured, coloured and edible condoms.

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