From The Ones Who Keep Your Change To The Ones Who Keep Getting Confused, Here Are 5 Types Of Trotro Mates We’ve Come Across!

If you’re Ghanaian and you haven’t boarded a trotro before, we don’t know what exactly to tell you. It’s waaay cheaper than taxis and uber. Once you know where you’re going and the name of the bus stop, you just need to tell the mate and you’re good to go. Well… you obviously need to remind him so he doesn’t take you past your actual stop. From the forgetful ones to the thieves, here are some of the types of mates we’ve come across.

The forgetful ones

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These ones are very annoying. You gave them money as soon as you sat in the car but after some time, he’ll ask you for your money… again! We’ve seen people give them stern looks when such a situation happens and that seems to suddenly jolt the mate’s memory.

The thieves

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These ones sh3da paaaa and they don’t give you your change early. They know you will eventually forget and in the end, they get a lot of ‘chobo’. Sometimes too, they increase the fare and keep the remaining change and no matter how much you fight them, they’ll make it seem like you are the one who doesn’t know your route and how much it should cost.

The confused ones

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These ones are basically business destroyers. You give these ones GHS5 and they are supposed to give you a balance of GHS2.50 but they’ll give you GHS 15. Lol! They end up running into debt at the end of the day.

The “Insultors”

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These people de333 ei! We don’t know the side of the bed they wake up at but it really doesn’t favor them and us. Any small thing and they’ll rain insults on you as if you de33 you don’t have a mother. After the insults, you’ll be regretting not having your own car.

The Flirts

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Every nice girl’s nightmare. It is even worse if you go and sit beside them. They’ll disturb you saaaa till you alight. They’ll compliment you a million times and try to take your number and you too, because you want them to stop disturbing you, you’ll just give them your number. After all, there’s always the block button.

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Despite all this, we cannot deny that a bus without a mate is like a body without limbs (If you’ve sat in a trotro without a mate, you’ll understand what we are saying better. So so stress). They are really invaluable to the whole trotro experience.

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