Sarkodie Goes On Another Tweeting Spree About Charterhouse’s Decision To Ban Stonebwoy And Shatta Wale

Sarkodie has gone another serious rant on Twitter. This time he was tweeting about the decision of Charterhouse and the VGMA board to ban Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale indefinitely and why it was wrong for Charterhouse to shift all the blame to the two dancehall artists.

Earlier this week, he went on a Twitter rant about Shatta Wale and Ghana‘s place in the World of music.

Sarkodie raised a lot of issues in his tweets.

In one of his tweets, he stated that Charterhouse cannot blame the cause of the brawl just on Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale.

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According to Sarkodie, it’s wrong for Charterhouse to blame Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale for cause of the brawl at the event. He stated that Charterhouse was also at fault in certain areas.

“We can condemn our brothers on their acts but we can’t rule out the root cause that provided that environment for the unfortunate incident… Charterhouse can’t leave all blame on the artists. NO!!”

“But for Charterhouse to push blame on our brothers and leave their faults out, that’s wrong … Security was bad and a whole lot I don’t wanna go into …”

He also talked about the board’s decision to ban the artists indefinitely. According to him, they acted too quick with their decision.

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“Charterhouse y’all don’t have to act that quick with your decision cos we could do the same to you … My wish is for both sides ( we as artists and you as organizers ) to work on our mistakes and not one side taking a harsh decision”

Sarkodie also stated that it wrong for Charterhouse to sell tickets to the public. He made a reference to the Grammys, BET and MTV award shows where tickets are not sold to the public.

“First of all big award shows like the Grammys BET MTV etc don’t open to the public to just buy tickets and come to the event ( and it’s for a reason )… it’s not a concert … first mistake by Charterhouse”

Read his tweets below:

What do you make of Sarkodie’s tweets? Did he raise relevant points that you think should be considered by Charterhouse and the VGMA board?

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