Abibulai Nankpa: The Prison Officer Who Is Now A Prisoner

Abibulai Nankpa

Our mothers always advise us to be extra careful in all that we do. Even when we were going to the boarding house, they would tell us, don’t touch someone’s soap, shito, gari, and the list continuous.

The moral is, find your lane, live within it and make sure you don’t get into trouble.

Sometimes, the “motherly worry” is overbearing but mostly they are right!

That’s because mothers, like none other, know that situations can change in the flip of a second. One minute you’re high and mighty and the next minute you’re down in the gutter on your knees scrapping the bottom of the barrel for anything that offers little glimmers of hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

All grace to grass stories are gutwrenching and they normally leave one feeling nothing but sympathy for whoever took the fall.

That is true in the case of Abibulai Nankpa, the Prison Officer who is now serving a long sentence in the same prison where he once bossed inmates around.

Abibulai Nankpa, now a convicted criminal, is just one year into a lengthy 13 years jail term.

He was convicted for smuggling weed into the prison for the inmates he was supposed to be caring for.

He reportedly swore by the Quran that he did not smuggle weed into the prison, however, since the Narcotics Control Commission bill has not been passed into law, it meant that Abibulai had little legal space to defend himself and avoid a jail sentence.

There was little could he do and Abibulai ended up being sentenced to serve his time at the Sekondi Central Prison, the very same prison where he worked as a warden.

According to him, “when the prisoners saw me being brought in as one of them, most of them wept”.

Abibulai’s sad story is one of many that is being explored by Crime Check TV, an online programme that looks into people who have been unjustifiably sentenced and incarcerated by the system.


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