Stay Censored!! Try These 22 Words That Are Waaay Better Than Saying The Word ‘Sex’.

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It’s such a vile sounding word to spit out in public. In fact, it’s such a rude word to type out to the crush of your dreams.

We dunno why but there’s something about just saying sex that immediately makes you feel like a bad bad boy/girl.

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We found so many words you could use to replace the word sex.

Yhup, you could be sneaky with some of these words and your parents would never know you’re up to no good!!

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Get laid

Do the ade3 no

Get it on

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Hanky panky

Get lucky


Get a dicking

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Gland to gland combat


Organ grinding

Beat cheeks

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Do the nasty

Rub genitals

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Roll in the hay

Adult nap time


Mama ne dada

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Bouncy Bouncy

Sharpening the pencils

Dancing in the sheets


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So now you know… the next time you want to do the sex or suggest it to someone, there are a whole lot of colourful words you can use to replace that oh so disgusting word called sex.

Have fun!

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