Chris Attoh’s Late Wife Reportedly Had Twins With Drug Lord Husband

chris attoh-wife-druglord, Betiie Jenifer, Kedrick Jenifer

Just when we think we’ve had enough news about the life of Chris Attoh’s late wife, bigger news comes out.

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Earlier this week we learnt through the investigations of the Greenbelt police that Bettie Jenifer had another husband aside from Chris Attoh. This other husband of Bettie Jenifer who is known as Kedrick Jenifer is a drug lord and is currently serving a 20-year jail term for importing large amounts of cocaine into Baltimore from Texas.

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Now, the newest information we’ve got is that Bettie Jenifer had twins.

Yeah, photos of Bettie Jenifer and her other husband, Kedrick Jenifer with their twins have surfaced online. He had the twins (boy and girl) with Kedrick Jenifer.

According to reports, the photos of the family were shared by a woman believed to be Bettie’s sister on February 15, 2009.

Bettie was shot to death at the parking lot of her office at 6300 Block of Ivy Lane after work around 5 pm.

Chris Attoh and family have however requested to mourn in private. They also are not granting press interviews.

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