#VGMA20 To Hold The Future Of Music Business Seminar Tomorrow

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Music is all around us. Everywhere we go, in whatever we do. There is a little bit of music. Though all of us might not be selling out stadiums or give people goosebumps when we sing, all of us have a bit of music in us.

Music is often the one thing that transcends boundaries, whether we understand the language or the culture of the people who originated it or not.

Music is there when we are sad and it’s also there when we are happy.

When all is lost and we want to give up, we turn to music, when we feel like we are mounted on Eagle wings, flying high above, guess what else is there…..music!

However, for many, music is their daily bread, it’s their source of livelihood and the business side of music is one that needs a deliberate effort to grow.

Though the Ghana music industry has come a long way since it went commercial, there is still more to be done.

In many ways, like other industries, it involves understanding the dynamics of today and preparing for the future.

It’s either adapt or die out.

That’s why the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is hosting a one-day seminar on the Future of Music Business.

Speakers at the seminar including reps from The Orchard (Sony Music), MOBO Awards UK, MTV Base, the Standard Chartered Bank among others.

Topics to be discussed include new developments in the music business, making music videos work for you and others.


These discussions will be led by Solafunmi Oyeneye (MTV Base)m Setor Quashigah (Standard Chartered Bank), Ben Oldfield (Sony Music).


The seminar will be moderated by Ruddy Kwakye.


If you play any role in the music industry (artiste, manager, producer, director, backup singer, dancer, etc) you should consider attending this event tomorrow at the Alisa Hotel.

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