MUCG: His Passion For Photography Grew In His Darkest Time. Learn More About Michael Ubani, A ”Photographer On Free Days”.

We have quite a number of Photographers at Methodist University and they all take very good photos.

We caught up with a young photographer and this is how the conversation went.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Hi, can you please tell us your name, course and level? We want to know you.

Michael Ubani: I’m Michael Ubani Onyemaechi. A 100 level student of Methodist University College Ghana studying Information Technology. I’m a Nigerian, 5″8, Light skinned, Brown Eyes, Athletic Body type, Photographer on free days. Web designer in Training.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Mmm our female readers must be taking notes lol.  But you mentioned photographer on free days? We haven’t heard that on most occasions. So why photography in the first place?

Michael Ubani: Passion really, I feel like it’s what I was created for. Lol. Taking pictures or rather making pictures especially beauty images helps me ease stress too. Its some form of therapy for me.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Interesting, photography is your therapy. Specifically, what type of photography are you into?

Michael Ubani: Beauty/Lifestyle Photography

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Okay, we’ve heard that the type of camera helps in producing good pictures. Do you have a favourite type of camera for your work?

Michael Ubani: I have two cameras. The Nikon D5300 and a Canon 60d for now. My favourite is the nikon/50mm f1.8 lens too

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Why is it so special?

Michael Ubani: It’s a fair enough gadget but with the lens it’s superb. It gives me exactly what I want. Detailed images through photoshop help too with the post-production.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Interesting, what then can we say distinguishes your work from others?

Micheal Ubani: Details, Quality…? Lol. I can’t say for sure. A lot of photographers are into Beauty and Lifestyle Photography too. You can be the judge of that. Lol

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Lol okay, even though you mentioned photographer on free days do you intend doing this full time?

Michael Ubani: Yeah sure. I was into photography full time back in Nigeria with no intentions of going further with my education. But I realized at the end of it all, school is necessary for every endeavour, it’s a plus to whatever you’re doing – hence school.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Oh yes. Education they say “is the key”. After school then? What are your plans for photography?

Michael Ubani: Lol. I don’t talk about my plans before executing them. But I believe time will reveal all. You will keep hearing the name “Michael Ubani”.  *smiles* We will be global then by God’s Grace.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Positive. What’s your quotation for your photography?

Michael Ubani: When you say quotation in this context, what do you mean please?

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Your prices for services rendered.

Michael Ubani: Lol. Whoever is interested in booking our services can send a mail to [email protected] or call/inbox +23320204557. We’ll talk about the price from there. We’re not that expensive 😄

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Not that expensive? Nice. How do you deal with this competition?

Michael Ubani: Competition has never really been a problem for me I think. I believe in QUALITY not QUANTITY as most photographers do. But you still have to keep social media updated though. I’m more focused on getting better with my craft, learning new things every day. Life is a learning process, so I never stop learning.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Great! Can we see some of your works? Also, do you look up to any photographers?

Michael Ubani: A lot of them!! Sean Archer, Phloshop, Lexonart, Emmanuel Oyeleke, my friend Obe Images and of course Prince Meyson. A lot of my works can be found on my social media platforms. You can check us out on Instagram: @mup_studios, Twitter: @mup_studios, Facebook: Michael Ubani. Website is still in the process.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: When did your passion for Photography grow?

Michael Ubani: Back in 2016 for sure. Sometimes you discover the best version of yourself in the darkest times.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Would you like to tell us about it?

Michael Ubani: No, please 🙂 Personal stuff.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Lol sure. Anything else you would like to say?

Michael Ubani: That’ll be all for now. Unless you have more questions to ask. Lol

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Thank you for your time.

Michael Ubani: I’m honoured and you’re most welcome.

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