UCC: Thinking Of How To Spend Your Summer Break, Join AIESEC Ghana’s Volunteering Programs.

Hey there peep, the semester is almost ending and this is the semester that births the Long Vacation ( Summer Break).

Now listen up you don’t have to lay in bed for all the close to three months break, Chaley do something profitable that builds a career or personal development. How about some cool volunteer work in a foreign country?

AIESEC  Ghana wants to make your summer break more exciting and impactful.

This break, volunteer for 6 weeks in the beautiful Ivory Coast.

Create an impact, improve yourself, discover the depths of your potential all the while touring  beautiful places on the continent. Get to live the experience and make an impactful change in the world.

Register via http://bit.ly/DISCOVER-CI to join the amazing experience.

Ivory Coast is the immediate country leftward of Ghana, and the country is buzzing with beautiful scenes that the volunteer trip will explore.

Registration fees include transportation (in and out), Accommodation and Administration  Fees.

So remember to register now ! and join the amazing experience.

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