Ashesi University Gives A Spectacular Clap Back After DKB Claimed Ashesi’s Class 2019 Students Will Be Unemployed

Alright, very soon, final year students will be saying bye-bye to campus life after they have nailed every nail in the coffin to make sure that their undergraduate degree is in the bag.

Already, our peeps at Ashesi are bowing out with a blast, if this video is anything to go by.

The Ashesi University Twitter handle shared a video of how their class of 2019, are excited to finally have their first degree under their belt.

Now, here is the funny part.

You see, a number of students in tertiary institutions in this country might be walking right out of campus only to join the Unemployed Graduates Association. That’s why some start dreading their final moments on campus. Securing a job is a risky business in this side of town, charley.

However, we’re yet to meet an unemployed graduate who went to Ashesi… It never happens.

Somehow, DKB thought it was funny to tell the Ashesi class of 2019 that they will be joining the unemployed graduates association soon.

lol… shall we tell him or?

Oh wait… Ashesi can do it for us…

The Ashesi University Twitter gave us the clap back of the year, charley. It quoted DKB’s tweet with this meme…

lol… DKB surely didn’t know.

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