Let’s Save Your Pocket With These Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Follow Fashion Trends!

Trends in fashion are made by celebs and so-called fashionistas but the gag is, most of us consider ourselves as fashionistas but it doesn’t mean we follow the latest trends and that’s fine. We can’t all be looking alike… that’s just boring.

Here are some reasons to ignore fashion trends as and when they come.

Trends don’t last

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If you religiously follow trends, after a week or two, when what you bought has outlived its season, you will feel like you can’t wear it anymore since “it’s so last season” and would also make you feel self-conscious. There’s no point chasing something which will never be caught. Try and get clothes and dress for yourself.

Trends aren’t for everyone

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Oh yeeaah! We’ve said it. There are some trends which will flatter people with body and not skinny people and that’s fine. It’s not by force to hop on something that won’t flatter your body type. Oh and yeah, there are those trends which cause people to expose so much skin. If you aren’t that sort of person, it’s not by force. Don’t hop on it because of peer pressure.

Some trends are impracticable

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Some trends that come out work in places with certain weather types. In this hot weather, you can’t be wearing long sleeved cropped tops like it’s chilly. It’s heat stroke that will kill you.

Following trends is expensive

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Imagine buying everything that you think is in vogue… on your meagre salary! How? It’s like you want to drive yourself into debt. It’s a waste of money if you don’t wear the clothes again since it makes you feel self-conscious when you’re wearing something from last season.

The long and short of it all is that you should buy clothes you absolutely love and can wear anytime you want. If you want to genuinely buy clothes that are trending, you should.

Just don’t fall prey to peer pressure and get things that you wouldn’t want to wear anywhere.

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