Ghana Police And Security Agencies Approve The Importation Of Pump Action Guns For Private Use

We don’t know about y’all but the presence of more guns do not make one feel safe.

In America, a country that loves guns, there are political fights about gun control. They have the issue of people opening fire on innocent citizens in schools, theatres and even in churches.

So yes…. the presence of more guns do not make one feel safe.

However, the Ghana Police Service is saying that approval has been given for an arms dealer to import pump action guns for private use.

Meaning these guns, that are already in the country, are not meant for the security agencies but for private citizens to purchase and wield on their own.

In a statement posted on the verified Ghana Police Service Facebook page, the security agency said “following the trending social media story and pictures of a DAF Articulated Truck with registration number GT 9699 Y containing weapons, Police assures that security agencies have physically examined the said truck and its contents and found them to be imported pump action guns.”

The police said the imported guns were “covered by regular documentation authorised by the Ministry for the Interior and relevant agencies and they conform to the documents covering them.”

The pump action guns in the truck, the police said “are authorised for private use by licensed persons, they are not the type of weapons used by state security agencies.”

According to the Police, further investigations show that rightful port procedures were followed to clear the weapons and the importer is a licensed arms dealer authorised to import such weapons.

“Police further assure that police together with sister security agencies, will continue to be vigilant to ensure that the country is secured,” the Facebook statement said.

Now, maybe we are being paranoid here… but we really don’t like the idea of guns being imported into the country for private use.

What is private use? Do people still go hunting?

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