Check Out The Apotro App, An Online Bus Ticketing App Aimed At A Stress-Free Travel Life

A group of young innovative and talented Ghanaians who make up the Dynamax Technologies team have developed Apotro, an online bus ticketing app aimed at giving Ghanaians a stress-free travel life. These young developers are poised with a passion to solve the societal problem of a highly chaotic bus transport industry into a perfectly organised and structured one.

Apotro which was established in 2019 seeks to take on the Ghanaian travelling market by storm. Apotro is not just any regular online travel agency but an enabler of the bus travel industry.

Apotro is currently in its trial phase and the only bus operator it’s working with currently is VIP Premium. They are however in talks with other bus operators and hope to get more of them on board soon.

Since the App is in its trial phase, the developers are encouraging people to have a feel of the App by booking a trial ticket at a cost of 10 pesewas to feel how the process.

How Apotro app Works

Apotro App seeks to solve the age-old Bus travelling problems and bad experiences in Ghana by creating a 100% real-time online bus ticket inventory system across the country with time. With this technology, clients are promised booking for trips from the comfort of their home and anywhere with ease. On the Apotro App;

  • Clients Choose their Origin and Destination or can choose their trips from the list of available trips.
  • Clients get to choose available seats on a 2D bus sitting arrangement on the platform.
  • Clients get to Choose a time of departure from the various departure times available as at booking.
  • Clients get to pay for Ticket bookings with Mobile Money.
  • Clients who stay far from the bus terminals could choose from the various waiting bus stops provided by Apotro in order to board the bus at their convenience. Time wasted for moving from your home to the station has completely been eliminated.

Bookings can also be done on their website

You can download the Apotro App from Google play store and Apple store.

For further information and assistance, you can call these numbers: +233 20 915 2072/ +233 20 858 6637 or write to them at [email protected]

You can also follow Apotro on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @apotroApp.

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