UG: 5 Hidden Places You Can Study On Campus.

This exams season are times where most people are obviously studying in the Balme library,24hour room and hall reading rooms especially when the major lecture rooms are locked and reserved for the exam.
Below are some quiet study spaces around campus that aren’t the usual places you would think to go like the library or student centre.

1.Departmental libraries

Most people are soo centred on the major learning places on campus that they forget one of the best places to study Is the library in their departments. There, you get to find books that can help you when you’re confused or even find people who are at higher levels to explain someone and two things to you. These are places that you can study without being questioned as to whether you’re from that department or not.

2.In front of GCB

GCB is the white painted lecture/exam hall opposite NNB or biochemistry department or even adjacent the Social work department close to NB. Apparently, the place is mostly locked. Here’s what people don’t know. You can study at some of the hidden places in GCB like the corner before the staircase or even the ‘Hand of the walls’ of the venue. The environment is so serene and quite since lectures are not in progress.


LECAID is the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy. Behind the geography department, If you walk past the construction site, you’ll see the LECAID building. Right opposite the building is a tree with two lovers bench. This is a great study spot for exams because it is very quiet and not many people know about this space.

4.Sabarh Dining Hall

This place is located inside the Mensah Sabarh Hall. It’s a multipurpose place not only for eating or church services but also for studies. You can corner yourself and study with focus if you’re really determined to learn. In-front of the dining hall is also a serene place to have group discussions.

5.LECIAD faculty room

This isn’t the most popular place on campus to study, but there are lots of seats there and a whiteboard there. When you enter the LECIAD building, on the right on the reception; climb to the first floor. The faculty room Is a very quiet place and if you agree to study silently on your own, you can study till 5 pm when the building is locked. It is definitely a great place to go if you’re trying to find your own space.

Hope you find your perfect study spot this semester. Good luck!!

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