Crossovers Or Nah? Lol We Found Some Similarities In Game Of Thrones Episode 3 And Avengers: Endgame….Skshjhgsh!!!!!

There’s no way the excitement has withered yet! Last week right around this time, we were busy begging people not to tweet spoilers cos…AVENGERS ENDGAME premiered!!!

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After seeing the best movie ever and getting extremely pumped up from the fight scene and everything else, we had to watch Game of Thrones on Sunday too!!

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We cried and it’s not surprising at all cos we didn’t have time to get over  Avengers norrr GOT happened!

And as fans of both of these incredible works of genius, we couldn’t help but try to link both stories!


Here are the similarities we couldn’t help but find!!

The Epic Battles

Avengers Endgame and Game Of Thrones had amazing battle scenes.

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The excitement when Dr strange’s portal opened and all the vanished avengers came back!!! Sceeeenesss when Captain America used Thor’s hammer!! That head butt that had Captain Marvel unmoved like “try again b!tch”…. it was awesome!!!!!

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Game Of Thrones didn’t fail us with the longest battle on TV. It was long but it was worth it!!! The Dothrakis getting destroyed, Melisandre doing the magic we now COMPLETELY respect her for, Jon Snow and Daenerys burning wights from their his and her dragons…ugh we loved every bit of it!! and in both, our heroes won the battle against the villains!

Baddest Villains

Avengers gave us one of the baddest villains ever!! Thanos wati!!

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He killed half of the world’s population and then went on retirement!! Thanos wati! He defeated all your favourites and they had to go back in time just to defeat him!

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The Night King, on the other hand, was outchea putting the fear of God into people without uttering a word. Raising zombies and making your favourites cry!! Night King wati!!!

One Needs To Go

Both shows had some element of sacrifice.

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In Avengers, Black Widow had to sacrifice herself for Hawkeye to claim the soul stone so they could defeat Thanos. In Game Of Thrones, safe to say, Jorah Mormont sacrificed himself for his Queen, Daenerys to survive. We all saw that scene.

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He sacrificed himself for love.

Stark Heroes

The Stark factor. We saw Starks winning everywhere!!!!

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In Avengers Endgame, Iron Man, Tony Stark did the final snap that erased Thanos and his minions. Yeah, he died after but, he saved the day!!!

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In Game of Thrones, Arya Stark stabbed the Night King, did that final thrust that ended his life and shattered him into shards of ice.

The All Knowing

Know how Dr Strange can see the future and things?

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Remember he even told Iron Man that telling him what will happen will make it not happen when Iron Man asked if this battle will be won? yeah, Dr strange is Bran in Game Of Thrones.

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Bran literally said something similar and definitely knew how the battle will end. Why then did he gift Arya that dagger she later ended up using to kill the Night King. Plus we know everything that has ever happened and yet to happen has been downloaded into his wise little head.

Our faves are so similar we are shaking in excitement.

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and oh sorry about the spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet lol.

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