CCTU: ProfKad Is Set To Release New Music, Here Is Everything You Should Know About The Budding Producer

We caught up with Profkad, the multi-talented producer and DJ. In this up-close and personal interaction with the artiste, ProfKad shares how he got into music production, his journey so far and disclaims certain rumours that have been running about him on campus.  Read on as Profkad tells his story.


I’m Born Isaac K. P Agudogo , I’m A DJ, Sound Editor and Engineer. A final year student of the Cape Coast Technical University. ProfKad is actually a pun to my name and what I do. Kad means “King at the Dancefloor” and Professor means I’m literally a professor at what I do.

Life Aside Music. 

When I’m not doing anything related to music, I’d probably be sleeping. Music means everything to me.

School and Music

It’s hard combining music and the school but I try to manage my time as best as I can, So far it’s been challenging but I’ve held on quite well.

I think I’ll still need education, even while pursuing my talent. It’s more of finding a balance between both. After some level, both education and talent will compliment each other.


I’ve had a couple of songs released. The reception has been quite impressive. My song ”Greatest” received some airplay from some radio stations in Cape Coast, I must say the journey has been good.

Listen Here:

More Music. 

The world should just watch out for me. My new release, titled ”This year” reflects the current hustles of young men with talents trying to break out of the system. I featured a Ghana-based Nigerian artiste called Jmizy. The track will finally be released on the 10th of this Month-May. Hopefully, I’ll shoot a good video for it. This song is very good and I’d like the whole world to hear me on it.

Disc Jockeying and Music Production. 

I basically taught myself how to produce, record, mix and do everything I’m able to do now. It’s a gift. I’ve personally developed this gift. I had influence from my dad in the initial stages. My father does sound production, sirens for Senior High Schools, fix speakers, so I grew up around it, but I had to develop it to this level. Between production and Djing, I think production does it for me, it comes more naturally for me.

Rumours and Controversies. 

This part de3 hmm! Maybe other campus famous artistes are able to woo girls with their fame and money, that can’t be me oo.

Where the money saff dey? I’m actually a cool guy, perhaps too shy to even catch the attention of ladies.

Way Forward.

Currently, I own a record label AVALAN MUSIC

I produce and mix tracks for various artistes. Moving forward, I want to expand the label, help, myself and other amazing artistes affiliated to the label because it’s been challenging. After school, the world should just watch out for ProfKad and Avalan music.

Starting with my new release, ”This Year” it will just be a massive inflow of good songs for the world to listen to.

I’m grateful to you guys for having me.

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