Malawi’s Second Lady Mary Chilima Drops A Rap Song To Support Her Husband’s Presidential Campaign

Look, the politicians are out there and they are getting creative people…

Africa is said to be a youthful continent with majority of it’s population under 40 years old.

In Malawi, it’s reported that about 70 per cent of the country’s 18 million population are under 30 years old.

Now, that makes Malawi a country full of young people.

Now, though young people seem to have some interest in their own future, they luck significant interest in everyday politics.

However, one thing young people are always hooked on is music and most popularly, rap music.

So if you’re a politician and you want to reach young people who could constitute 70 per cent of the voting population, with your message, what do you do?

They say you meet your audience where they are…. so why not reach them with your message through music?

Mary Chilima, the wife of the Vice President of Malawi, Saulos Chilima has released a rap song as part of her husband’s presidential campaign.

Saulos broke away with his boss, Malawi’s President, Peter Mutharika, accused the government of being corrupt and formed his own political party, though he kept his position as the Vice President.

On May 21, the country will be voting in their elections. They would either retain their current President or Saulous would get a promotion.

Either way, Mary Chilima has gone really far with her rap song.

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